Elvis was in love with his Blue Hawaii co-star in 1961 and desired to marry her despite dating Priscilla Beaulieu at the time.

When you gaze upon Joan Blackman in 1961, you are thinking of Priscilla. Both have black hair and the same facial characteristics. Elvis encountered her in Hollywood in 1958, shortly before starting his military duty, and it appears that he was so fascinated by her that he kept watching her and begging her to participate in his movies. She did it in the end.

“There was a spark, magic in the air when we first set eyes on one other (in 1957),” Joan said. Sometimes it was so warm and sweet you could practically reach out and touch that particular something between us.

She argued that she turned down his numerous offers to support her career because she wanted roles based on her talent, not because she was dating Elvis.

“We had hotel rooms right next to one another, and for weeks we basically lived together,” she remarked.

He genuinely desired to make me his wife.

“I was in love with another actor, Hampton Fancher III. Elvis knew about it. When he would ask me about Hampton, I would answer, ‘I love him, El. I love him like a woman loves a man she wants to share her life with.’

“I never lied to Elvis about Hampton, or about anything else.”