Instead of posting pictures of her own family on social media on Thursday, Dylan Dreyer made room for someone else who was very important to her.

The Today show meteorologist paid tribute to Al Roker, who is unable to work due to chronic health issues and has been absent from the broadcast.

She shared several photos from an emotional occasion when he was surprised by a magnificent reunion with his co-stars who decided to show up at his house during an NBC program segment. The reunion was held at his home.

“There’s no one more loved than this man right here,” she said next to the photos of Al with so many of his coworkers. @alroker We hope to hear from you soon, @todayshow. “We’re missing you.”

The images were so lovely that they brought many to tears. In a letter, one reader addressed their feelings, writing, “I only know you all from TV, yet your story made me cry!  Friends are priceless, and each of you is wonderful. That was the cutest thing that has ever happened. My eyes welled up with tears. Get well soon, Al.”

When the unexpected visit caught Al off guard, he found himself unable to fight back his tears.

Despite this, he was able to show his appreciation by adding, “I just want to thank you all.”

“It’s been a long and difficult road, and I’ve missed you all terribly. All of these various gestures mean the world to me.”

The 42-year-old father of four has been out of work for a month and has spent the majority of that time in the hospital after a blood clot traveled to his lungs.

He had earlier in the day given viewers at home an update while he was on the air. “It’s been a tremendous struggle, and I’m not going to lie about it,” he admitted.

“I’ve had a fair number of operations, but this one has been by far the most challenging. There are many people and things for which I am grateful.”

“It instills a profound sense of thankfulness in you for the innumerable prayers and thanks that have been expressed,” he continued.

The 68-year-old TV icon, who has been a part of Today for the past 25 years, was admitted to the hospital before Thanksgiving and remained there for more than two weeks.

Even though he did go home for a little while, not long after the holiday he found himself back in the hospital being treated for the same recurrent ailments. He has subsequently recovered and is behaving more like his old, happy self.