A woman claims that an alien photobombed her as she was taking a selfie on an airplane, and she has posted the photo online.

Olesya Podkorytov, a resident of Kurgan in the Kurgan Oblast region of south-central Russia, revealed that she captured the image during the trip. However, after she shared it on social media, one of her friends noticed something odd a few seats behind her.

The young woman was on a business trip when she said she wasn’t sure why she suddenly decided to take a selfie because it’s not something she does very often.

When she posted the photo on the website, she was swamped by comments from individuals warning her about the “alien.”

“I posted the image to my social media page, and then all of the questions and comments came flooding in,” she explained.

She went on to add that the image displays no indicators of eyes and instead a “one-piece” dark green body.

Some speculated that it was perhaps a ghost rather than an extraterrestrial creature.

The unknown thing appeared to be taller than the other travelers.

In response to the unusual photos, aviation expert Viktor Lunev stated, “Pilots and stewards are highly superstitious, and perhaps there is a reason.”

“In all of my years of experience, I have never seen anything remotely resembling that. People could comprehend if we described it using some of the fundamental laws of physics.”