Duke was adopted from a dog shelter by the McNally family in Montana when he was just 8 months old. The parents and their 5-year-old son, Robert, love the outdoors and whenever they can, they go in lengthy excursions in the mountains. Duke likes every trip with his family into the woods or to the river since he loves to hike.

The parents, Robert, and Duke left one day for the mountains in an effort to get to a cabin before it was dark.

They made a brief rest break to relax beside a woodland road as dusk fell. While Robert was playing nearby and the two husbands were relaxing in the shade of a tree, Duke suddenly sprang on Robert at full speed and knocked him to the ground.

The father of the child fled in fear to investigate what was going on. Duke was barking loudly as Robert was crying on the ground.

When the Father discovered Duke had saved the kid’s life, he started weeping.

Following this episode, Duke was bitten by the snake, and the McNallys brought him to the hospital. Duke was saved by medics, so it appears that the snake’s venom wasn’t able to enter too far inside his body.

“Without Duke, Robert would have undoubtedly been bitten by the snake, and the likelihood of death is quite high. Duke’s life is a blessing in our eyes because of his selfless deed. Although he is aware of our deep affection for him, we will now be much more connected.

The McNallys affirmed that they would continue to go on mountain hikes, but they would be extra watchful and ensure that Robert stayed close to them.

Another pit bull demonstrates what a fantastic breed this is—one that loves its family and is willing to risk its life to defend them. In order to change people’s perceptions about this dog breed, which is so widely misunderstood, we need to promote good things more frequently.