Before reaching her most recent milestone, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a sex therapist and distinctive radio talk show host who rose to fame in the 1980s, opens up.

As she approaches her 95th birthday, Dr. Ruth Westheimer says, “I never gave any thought to whether will I make it or not.”

“I’m right here, right now. Fortunately, I have a great sense of humor. Additionally, according to Jewish tradition, if you use humor when teaching, your students will retain what you said.”

Nobody discussed sex nearly as memorable as Dr. Ruth, a sex therapist and former radio talk show host who rose to fame in the 1980s. Nobody has lived a life quite like hers, either. She became an Israeli Army-trained sniper at the age of nine after losing both parents in the Holocaust.

From there, she met Manfred Westheimer, whom she later married and had two children with. She then relocated to New York City, where she made her first fifteen-minute public radio program, Ask Dr. Ruth, into a showbiz success.

Dr. Ruth talks about living in her tenth decade while still going strong.

What does it feel like to be 95 years old? How is your body doing? Your mental health?

“My body is fantastic. And I’m fortunate to be healthy. Miriam, my daughter, lives close by. Joel, one of my sons, lives in Ottawa, although he visits frequently, and I have four grandchildren. And the only word I can use to describe myself is grateful.”

Why do you still feel so youthful at heart?

“Talking about sexual matters all day long! That preserves your youth. However, having a partner makes having sex even more enjoyable. Get one of my books instead if that doesn’t work, though.”

We’re going to promote your book in ways that will amaze you!

“And remind them that Abbeville is the publisher of The Art of Arousal, a lovely art book that teaches you how to masturbate with stories. Or, as Dr. Ruth says, “The Art of Arrrrousssal.” Do you hear me? How do you masturbate? Don’t do it on television, though. It’s a lovely novel. Additionally, it is for the elderly and the lonely.”

What about your life has most surprised you?

“That I rose to fame. that I have four wonderful grandchildren in addition to a wonderful daughter, son-in-law, son, and daughter-in-law. The other is a Canadian medical student who is getting married. My youngest grandson, who is in his first year of college in Toronto, adores it there.

The other, meanwhile, is already a graduate and employed in the field of computers. Being an orphan at the age of 10 and having experienced such a rough beginning with no parents, siblings, or other family members, all I can think about is gratitude. However, I must inform you of our newest endeavor.”

Have your grandchildren seen any television reruns of you? How do they feel?

“I don’t discuss it with them. My late husband Fred would tell you what he said on television once, so I never discussed sex on television with him. ‘The shoemaker’s children don’t have shoes,’ he declared. Insinuating that he didn’t have enough sex, he says. Not the case.

Who was the sexiest dude you’ve ever encountered?

“Who is he called? with the beard. Burt Reynolds.”

What made him attractive?

“His beard. And I’m looking at a photo of us together right now where I can see that I’m caressing his mustache. However, I must confess that my claim to fame is that I never asked my famous acquaintances any personal questions; instead, they told me personal tales, which I won’t repeat.”

Why did he have a mustache?

“I can tell I’m smiling in the picture because the mustache felt great. Thank God, my mind is functioning. Now ask about my newest endeavor.”

Tell me about your latest endeavor.

“Okay. Grandparenthood is the topic of a project I’m working on with the New York State Department of Aging. I want people to adopt children—not legally, but to help them socially or academically—rather than adopt them for adoption’s sake. similar to taking in a granny. yet not adopting legally. That doesn’t pique my attention. Just the idea that every child should have an important adult in their life interests me.”

Was Burt Reynolds really the sexiest man alive, one last time?

“At that moment. He must have told me a really entertaining little story because I was smiling when I saw him, which I won’t repeat for you.”