Donny Osmond has been in the spotlight for decades, entertaining people with his music and performances. But his journey hasn’t always been easy. Throughout his career, he’s faced struggles with anxiety. Thankfully, he had someone by his side who guided him through those “dark years” – his wife, Debbie.

Their love story began when they were teenagers, and despite starting off as friends, they eventually fell in love. Donny considers Debbie to be the most important person in his life, someone who saved him. Together, they’ve been married for over 45 years, supporting each other through thick and thin.

Donny’s journey in the entertainment industry started at a young age. By the time he was six, he and his brothers, known as the Osmond Brothers, were already making a name for themselves. They even moved to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities. In the ’70s, Donny rose to fame as a teen idol with a successful solo career.

But being famous comes with its own set of challenges. Donny discovered that trying to maintain continuous success without acknowledging the need for change can be tough. The people around him built a reality that wasn’t always true. In those moments, Donny relied on his family and his faith to stay grounded. He knew that popularity shouldn’t define who he is and valued being true to himself.

Throughout his career, Donny has always managed to keep his family and his relationship with Debbie at the forefront. They met when Donny was 17, and after three years of pursuing her, they began dating. Donny planned a special and memorable evening for her 17th birthday, including a romantic dinner and a scavenger hunt that led to their first kiss. They tied the knot when Donny was 20, despite some initial disapproval from his father.