Dolly Parton’s ascent from humble beginnings in rural Tennessee to become one of the world’s wealthiest entertainers is a modern-day rags-to-riches story. The 67-year-old country music legend is well-known and admired for her down-to-earth and compassionate personality. She has written over 3000 songs.

Parton has earned the public’s trust through her numerous charitable endeavors and top-charting hits. In November 2022, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her musical achievements. But, as is customary, Dolly Parton has been the subject of various rumors and conjectures about her personal life, particularly her health and well-being.

Dolly Parton reportedly had an esophagectomy in addition to kidney stone operations.

Social media platforms were swamped with allegations that Dolly Parton was suffering from a “dangerous illness” in the fall of 2022. According to rumors, she was even on life support.

Snopes, an information-verification website, refuted the charges after establishing that they were based on a dubious YouTube video. Parton has made multiple appearances and concerts in recent months, indicating that, despite being 76 years old, she appears to be in good health.

Furthermore, Parton’s most recent health issue began in September 2015, when she underwent surgery to remove kidney stones. She was 69 years old, and the medical problem was swiftly remedied.

After nearly a month, Parton was forced to address the operation to refute reports that she had stomach cancer.

“Yes, I did have kidney stones. I’m doing fine three weeks after they were removed! The assertion that I have stomach cancer is entirely incorrect. I admire and value everyone’s concern,” she said.

Parton allegedly underwent a secret esophagectomy in June 2013 to implant a sophisticated medical device into her esophagus after suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, a condition in which stomach acid spills into the esophagus for several years. This treatment was carried out to prevent the onset of esophageal cancer.

Her illness, ultimate procedure, and medicine were all blamed for her extreme weight loss at the time. Although Parton’s representatives declined to comment on the story, a source said:

“Dolly realized she had to take action or risk dying. She could only eat soft, bland foods, her weight was dropping quickly, and she was drinking antacid pills.”

Dolly was 35 when she was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a partial hysterectomy to treat it.

Dolly Parton was 35 years old when she was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1981. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissues multiply outside the uterus, resulting in inflammation in the pelvis and other body parts. She had been suffering from severe abdominal pain and bleeding for months before the diagnosis.

Parton underwent two operations to control internal bleeding before undergoing a partial hysterectomy at 36 to manage the issue. After the operation, she was unable to conceive naturally. She described the occasion as follows:

“I hit rock bottom in terms of my emotions and health. It was simple for me to get away with murder. I wasn’t exercising, watching what I ate, or taking care of myself. I worked hard in my job but also dealt with many emotional and personal concerns. I suddenly burst into tears. It was, in fact, feminine and stomach troubles and general health issues.”