On his return to Today on Friday, Al Roker said that his medical team discovered two bleeding ulcers in addition to the blood clots in his leg and lungs during surgery.

On Friday, Al Roker made a triumphant comeback to the NBC morning news program, revealing new details about the health issue that had kept him away from the Today show for two months.

While his wife, Deborah Roberts, stayed by his side, the 68-year-old weatherman opened out about his sickness, confessing that he underwent a tough 7-hour operation to “address a variety of inside problems.”

Roker had no idea his condition was terrible when he initially went to the doctor in early November to treat some stomach issues.

It quickly evolved into a terrible slew of medical issues that originally confused officials and sent Roker to the hospital twice. “Look, I had two complicated things,” Roker said today. “They believe my COVID treatment caused the blood clots in September. I quickly had internal bleeding and lost half of my blood. They were seeking it and attempting to find it.”

“Most people didn’t know Al was very, very, very sick, ” Roberts, 62. “This fantastic team, led by two doctors, had to figure out what was happening. His medical state was unknown for a few weeks. And it was the most terrifying, chaotic journey we’d ever had.”

Roker was being treated at the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Following surgery, his medical team discovered two bleeding ulcers. His colon was resected, his gallbladder was removed, and surgery on his duodenum, a section of the small intestine, was performed.

“I went in for one operation, and I got four,” Roker said. “So that’s a positive in my book.”

Fortunately, ABC News correspondent Roberts took over Roker’s treatment and coordinated it with medical professionals.

He said, “Thank God for Deborah,” in the third hour of Today. “She shielded me from everything. I am living proof that ignorance is bliss. I could focus all my energies on healing because I didn’t realize how severe this was.”

“It’s not lost on us that Al’s presence here is significant,” Roberts remarked. “He is a genuine breathing wonder. And I don’t think I’m overstating things.”

She went on to describe the moment she understood Roker would be fine. She claimed that Al had undergone various tests and scopes. “There was just so much that needed to be done, including, if I may say so, a major surgery. And we were on pins and needles every day. I kept everybody and our family updated. One day, Al and I were sitting in the hospital. He was frail and exhausted when he declared, “I’m going to make a spatchcocked turkey for Christmas,” in a raspy voice. “And I couldn’t decide whether to cry or simply smile.”

“I mean, I’m sitting here praying he’ll make it until Christmas, and this dude wants to cook a turkey,” she recalled. “That was the time, and it will always be the time.”

Roker stated that this was his first time in an intensive care unit, namely a surgical ICU.

“[We] were concerned about Al,” Al’s gastroenterologist, Dr. Felice H. Schnoll-Sussman, stated in a pre-recorded item on Today. “I’m quite concerned. He was in a near-fatal accident. I mean, there is absolutely no doubt about it.”

He acknowledged each member of his medical staff by name. “I just knew because I knew these doctors, all of these doctors, had my back. Furthermore, the nurses and personnel were outstanding. Simply outstanding. I am fortunate to have access to good medical care.”

Roker admitted that having Roberts by his side was a blessing for him, and his wife expressed gratitude for the good wishes she received from everyone.

Roberts mentioned that you had prayer as well. You’ll never believe the prayer circle that was present. Not only from our family but also you, my colleagues, and random strangers. I always said, “I’m paying for your spouse,” as I strolled down the street while going somewhere. I will never forget how generous you are to me, and I will never take it for granted.”

“All of you [at Today], all of you at home,” Roker screamed. “You could see they were praying.”

Roberts also emphasized how the experience has influenced her, emphasizing how much she admires her husband.

In his opinion, Al loathed seeming weak and exposed. “I also learned the value of patience,” she continued. “He displayed strength through his weakness and fragility, and I will never forget his example. I’ve never been patient in my life. We’re all in the television profession, so I’m excited to start. I now recognize the importance of patience. Everyone in this room must accept it.”

“You don’t want your family to realize how vulnerable you are as a man. “You’re supposed to be the strong one,” Roker stated during the third hour of Today.

He said the experience taught him the value of family, and he praised his daughters Courtney, 35, Leila, 24, and son Nick, 20, for their assistance. “Lelia spent those first five nights sleeping in the hospital,” he continued, referring to one of those nights being her birthday. “Honey, I finally told you to go home!”

Roker has been a regular on Today since 1996, acting as the show’s primary weather anchor. Roker previously filled in for the late Willard Scott before his semiretirement from 1990 to 1995.

He has been absent from Today for several weeks, having last appeared on November 4th. Due to his two hospital appointments before Thanksgiving, he missed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (his first in 27 years) and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center.

He has been receiving physical therapy to help him recover since his release on December 8.

Roker noted on Friday that these nearly daily sessions are still ongoing “just to regain strength.” He also takes blood thinners.

His participation in the Start TODAY walking club over the past year, where he logged more than 10,000 steps per day for more than 200 consecutive days, has aided his recovery. According to Roker, my physicians all agreed that if I hadn’t been in the condition I was in, things would have turned out differently.

But what drugs do doctors currently have for Roker? When he returned on Friday, his coworkers at Today treated him with excellent, old-fashioned, sympathetic, loving care.

“It is a truly historic day,” anchor Savannah Guthrie stated at the show’s top. I apologize; tears are already streaming down my cheeks because Al Roker has returned!”

“The workforce is inconsolable,” Kotb observed.

The people waiting outside had been anticipating your arrival. They are always disappointed when we leave and wonder, “Where is Al?”

Guthrie later said, “As much as we missed you, Al, I think the plaza missed you even more.” Outside, supporters held up posters with Roker’s portrait and the words “Welcome Back” in large letters. “Signs for you. They are your next-door neighbors.

Roker was aware of the affection. “I’ve missed you guys so much,” he continued. It’s great to be back and wearing pants because you’re my second family. It’s great fun.

“My heart is overflowing,” he remarked. “I’m very thrilled to see the staff and all of you. I’m currently running on adrenaline.

As he exited the stage, he said, “Oh, what are all these lights?” proving that he still had a sense of humor. My eyes are on fire from that! Ahh!’ ”

“It’s been surreal,” he said after doing his first weather report, which he had become accustomed to hearing meteorologist Dylan Dreyer conduct in his absence. “Normally, I’d sit back, sipping coffee and watching Dylan deliver the weather. This is a little trickier!

During the morning show, a video of Roker’s entrance at Studio 1A, where Guthrie and Kotb greeted him at the elevator to his favorite melody, the theme from The A-Team, which he famously plays every morning, was played.

Guthrie told Roker during his conversation with Roberts, “You’ve always been an inspiration, even more so now.”

Deborah, I’ll never forget one of those early texts you sent in which you declared, ‘I’ve never loved him more.

’ Al, we can all agree that we have never loved you more or been more grateful to have you by our side.

“Well, I’m thankful to have this woman by my side,” Roker said. She is also the reason I am still here.