Doctors ask his wife to unplug her husband from the machines

When Scott Hawkins suffered a stroke at the age of 37, he and his wife, Danielle, embarked on a difficult, but ultimately successful journey.

The stroke was triggered by a brain aneurysm produced by an Arteriovenous Malformation in Scott that had been developing from infancy and that doctors had no way of knowing would occur. Scott wasn’t expected to survive his first night in the hospital, but Danielle was optimistic.

Surgeons performed surgery two days later, but Scott died of a heart attack during the procedure.

Danielle tells Spectrum Health that “they lost him for a few minutes.” “He also suffered from a lack of oxygen as a result of it.”

Doctors encouraged Danielle to let him go after three weeks in intensive care. Because of real love’s kiss, she didn’t. “I’m not sure if it was real or not,” she recalls, “but I didn’t [say goodbye] since he kissed me back every time I kissed him.”

She persisted in her struggle for Scott, and after weeks of pulmonary rehabilitation, he was eventually removed off the ventilator and began to breathe on his own. There, he gradually managed to regain some motor skills, convincing physicians that he was on the mend.

Scott began his rehabilitation at Spectrum Health Rehab and Nursing Center in Michigan, and sixteen weeks later, he is back at home with Danielle and their four children, playing the guitar and visiting music festivals as usual.

“Even when they advised me to call the family that first night,” Danielle adds, “I just never felt it.” “I never thought he’d die.” I had this mental image of him walking with a cane. He’s picked up his guitar once more. He performs on the drums. He used to have trouble swallowing. For nine months, he was on a feeding tube, but today he can eat whatever he wants.”

Scott will take a long time to heal, but he claims that his wife saved her life in more ways than one. The couple is grateful to be together and for the support, they received when Danielle decided not to give up on him.

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