This is how a banana should look for your body. A study conducted by Japanese academics backs up everything.

Few people have ever considered which of the various stages that a banana goes through is the most beneficial to our health. We’ve all had a taste of this fruit at some point at each stage. Then I decided how the banana should look based on everyone’s preferences.

Researchers in Japan were inquisitive, so they conducted a study. As a result, researchers discovered that completely ripe bananas that have reached the stage of tumor necrosis contain a chemical that can fight aberrant cells in the human body.

Dark dots emerge on bananas when they ripen. The darker the dots, the better for the body they are.

Why? Because black-spotted bananas contain more immune-stimulating chemicals. Finally, unlike green bananas, which are difficult to digest because their starch is not converted to sugar, ripe bananas are particularly helpful for the digestive tract since sugar is easily absorbed.

The number of cells that have an anti-cancer impact is proportional to how ripe the fruit is. Bananas with black spots have far higher anti-cancer effects than green bananas.

The researchers looked at grapes, apples, melons, pineapples, pears, and bananas in this study, and found that ripe bananas had the strongest anti-cancer characteristics of all the fruits tested.