Father in Heaven,

Thank You for everything You’ve done for me. Father, You are aware of everything that is going on in my life right now. This is all too much for me, and I can’t do it alone. Please forgive me for becoming overly concerned with my difficulties and allowing my faith to dwindle.

Right now, I’m projecting all of my troubles onto you. I am completely stressed. I am giving you all of my burdens.

Please take them away from me and give me inner peace and serenity. Please comfort my heart and give me the strength to go through each day. Help me to not be disheartened, but to develop in faith and trust in Your timing.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, Father. I have prayed in Jesus’ name.

Another Prayer: Say this prayer and you will experience God’s power.

Oh, God, assist us to live our lives with faith. May it not be stated of us that our faith is insufficient, or to help us look to You, to recognize Your limitless power in You. Your boundless glory, greatness, magnificence, majesty, and limitless power. Keep us from believing in our own strength, God.

Help us to believe in Your might. As we pray right now, please help us to pray appropriately. God, help us recognize that we are speaking to You, the ruler of the universe with all authority and power, sovereignly ruling and reigning over all. Help us not to undervalue You in our prayers. Help us to be mindful of Your power when we pray for and serve others.

“We don’t want to live our lives in our own power, strength, or ability to minister to others.” Please forgive us, oh God, for our proclivity to do so. Lord, assist us to put our trust in You. Assist us in our search for You.

Help us believe in You. We pray to God for more faith. Lord, assist us to live with faith in Your ability to do what would otherwise be impossible. We think of things we’re praying for in our lives right now, I’m thinking and supposing.

We know it won’t happen if You don’t come through if You don’t accomplish it. Oh God, we believe You have the power to do it. You have the ability to answer these petitions, so we ask that You do so in a way that brings You honor. Give us that kind of faith.”In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.