Dick Van Dyke, a legendary TV performer, was reportedly injured when he crashed his Lexus in Malibu after losing control behind the wheel.

The 97-year-old actor’s automobile slipped in rainy weather conditions before crashing into a gate on the 22nd of March morning.

He was left with a bloodied nose and mouth, as well as a suspected concussion, as a result of the trauma.

Officers arrived to find the Hollywood veteran driving his Lexus LS 500.

Paramedics treated him at the site.

According to reports, Van Dyke was not sent to the hospital but was instead picked up by a buddy who drove him home.

Police are said to have sent paperwork to the DMV requesting that the “Mary Poppins” star retake his driving test.

Van Dyke’s car, which the 97-year-old actor is seen stepping out of last year, skidded in rainy weather before crashing into a gate.

According to the outlet, officers said drugs and alcohol were not involved in the incident.

The actor’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

Van Dyke was involved in another car accident ten years ago when he was rescued from a blazing Jaguar in Los Angeles.

The actor was taken from the vehicle, presumably unaware that it was on fire on the highway.

The event comes nearly ten years after Van Dyke was engaged in another car accident, shown above.

“It simply started making a noise at first, and I assumed I had a flat, then it started smoking, then it burned to a char,” he said back then.

Van Dyke claimed he escaped unharmed because “a fireman, a nurse, and a cop happened to be passing by. Someone is watching out for me.”