Diana Ross’ family is well-known for their amazing abilities all throughout the world. However, tragedy struck this well-known family, leaving the members stunned. Here are some previously unknown stories about Ross’ death.

Diana Ross was a megastar and Motown Records’ label powerhouse. She was also the most well-known member of her family. Her brother Arthur T-Boy is also a singer/songwriter, although his time in the spotlight was limited.

Unfortunately, the celebrity’s 47-year-old younger brother was discovered dead in 1996, together with his 54-year-old new wife, Patricia Robinson. Authorities discovered the couple’s dead in the basement of their Detroit suburb condominium, where their body parts had begun to decompose.

The corpses were recovered at least two weeks after the incident, and after a cursory examination, investigators concluded that they died of asphyxia.

Diana was alienated from her brother at the time. Despite the fact that she introduced him to her record company as a songwriter, the deceased was concerned about his sister’s success and believed her popularity outweighed his.

This emotion harmed their relationship. Diana, on the other hand, expressed her grief after his death. She went on to remark that learning of her brother’s family members’ deaths on the same day was heartbreaking and upsetting.

Despite their conflicts, the iconic singer admitted that she cherished her brother and that his death was heartbreaking.

The late Motown star acknowledged her feelings for him in a letter written while she was in Japan and read by her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Despite the fact that Arthur was not as well-known as his famous sister, he possessed a wonderful talent that enabled him to become a professional song composer. While working for Motown Records, he penned songs for well-known performers such as Marvin Gaye.

Later, he made the transition to music production and published the album “Changes.” He was dissatisfied that this album did not immediately catapult him to fame, so he compared himself to Diana.

If Authur hadn’t succumbed to drug usage and developed a cocaine addiction, he could have accomplished more as a creative writer before his death, despite not having a college degree. Friends claimed that he died just as he was about to radically change his lifestyle and redirect his focus to music.

When the tragedy occurred in 1996, the tenants of the residence where the bodies were discovered, Ricky Brooks and Regina Smith, were questioned by authorities.

Finally, two individuals, Brooks and Ramel Howard, were charged with the murder plot and criminal murder. The cops admitted that it was a drug-related felony.