In a recent interview, iconic actor Denzel Washington made a bold decision – turning down a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the role had the potential to bring him a fortune of over $30 million, Denzel stayed true to his convictions. He voiced his opposition to what he felt was a “woke” theme, expressing his discomfort with playing a character who hides their homosexuality and later reveals it.

Marvel denied that the characters offered to Washington were Thanos or Groot, but fans have been left speculating about the possibilities. With Marvel’s vast roster of superheroes, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact role in question. Some fans have even speculated the potential of a love relationship between Agent Carter and Black Widow.

Denzel Washington has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind. He has been candid about his reluctance to participate in projects he perceives as “woke.” Instead, he favors movies with the potential to win awards, such as the inspiring film “Remember the Titans,” where he can truly showcase his exceptional acting skills.

In another surprising move, Washington has chosen not to accept the impressive 11 Black Oscar trophies he has been awarded. Instead, he prefers to display his three customary Oscars proudly on top of his refrigerator. This unconventional decision reflects his unique perspective and independent spirit.

Turning down a highly lucrative role in the Marvel Universe was undoubtedly a significant decision for Denzel Washington. However, by staying true to himself and his artistic integrity, he continues to make choices that genuinely matter.