Moore captioned the video, including Willis laughing, dancing, and blowing out candles, saying, “So glad we could celebrate you today.”

Bruce Willis’ family is showering him with love, laughter, and a birthday serenade!

On Willis’ 68th birthday, ex-wife Demi Moore shared a home video on Instagram of the family — including his wife Emma Heming Willis and their children — singing a hearty rendition of “Happy Birthday” and serving a dessert with candles.

Willis seemed to enjoy the song, laughing and fist-pumping as his family applauded. He then blew out his birthday candles to cheers and clapping, followed by a chorus of “Hip-hip, hurrah!”

“BW, happy birthday! I’m so delighted we got to celebrate you today,” Moore provided captions for the video. “I love you and our entire family. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes; we all appreciate them.”

The video of the actor’s celebration is the first that his family has released since learning of his diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia.

When Willis’ FTD diagnosis was confirmed last month, the family wrote in a collective statement, “Bruce has always found joy in life, and he has encouraged everyone he knows to do the same. It meant everything to see that level of caring reflected in him and to all of us. Your affection has moved us for our loving husband, father, and friend at this trying time.”

“Your continuing compassion, understanding, and respect will allow us to assist Bruce in living the fullest life possible,” they concluded.

Frontotemporal dementia is an umbrella name for brain illnesses affecting the frontal and temporal lobes. This means that sections of these lobes shrink, which can cause speech problems, emotional problems, and personality changes.