Demi Moore allegedly moved in with ex-husband Bruce Willis, Emma Heming, and the couple’s two young children to support him following his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

Demi Moore is said to have moved into the house of her ex-husband Bruce Willis and his wife, Emma Heming, to assist in care for him after he was diagnosed with dementia.

The actress, 60, and her ex have stayed amicable after their divorce and share three children.

According to reports, she has moved in with Bruce, Emma, and their two younger kids to relieve the stress caused by his deteriorating condition.

According to reports, the women are collaborating to best care for the Hollywood icon, 67, suffering from frontotemporal dementia.

Emma, 44, stated earlier this week that she hoped to use her husband’s sickness and her voice to help “raise awareness” of the ailment.

She lauded caretakers as “unsung heroes” in her social media message.

“Demi has moved in, and she is not leaving until the very end,” a source informed Radar.

They said the actress had spent a lot of time with her family throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“At first, no one outside the family could comprehend what Demi was doing living with her ex and his new wife, but it now makes sense,” they continued.

“Demi has been a rock for the family, and she is determined to spend every day Bruce has left on earth with love.”

Demi’s agents have been approached for comment.

Emma was compelled to beg people to stop filming her husband and shouting at him earlier this week. She told the paparazzi to “keep your space” as they tried to photograph the singer.

“If you are looking after someone with dementia, you know how tough and frustrating it can be to bring someone out into the world and just navigate them securely,” she told her followers.

“So this one is going out to the photographers and film folks who are trying to get those exclusives of my hubby out there; just keep your space,” she continued. I know this is your job, but please respect my space.”

“For the video folks, please don’t be yelling at my husband, asking him how he’s doing, or the woo-hoping or the yippee-ki-yay, just don’t do it, okay?” she urged at the end of her video.