Tina Cole got a call from her former “My Three Sons” co-star Dawn Lyn, which was a wonderful surprise.

After undergoing brain surgery, the former child star of the classic 1960s comedy went into a coma in late 2022.

“I saw a call coming in from her phone and assumed it was her husband John calling, as he normally does,” the actress told Fox News Digital. “I was at an indoor soccer game for my grandson and couldn’t hear anything.”

“I was surprised when I stepped outside. I could hear her voice. Her voice was hoarse, but it was hers. ‘Dawn, is it you?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, it’s me,’ she said. The tears immediately flowed. I was taken aback. And that was simply beautiful. I couldn’t believe it.”

“The last time I saw her, she was in a neurological rehab facility, and she wasn’t reacting to me very well,” Cole explained. “So hearing her voice was exciting… We had a Christmas miracle when she awoke from her coma… They are optimistic that she will be home by Easter. Isn’t that wonderful? Miracles do happen.”

Lyn’s brother, former teen idol Leif Garrett, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. It was previously stated that the actress was hospitalized after some of her former co-stars expressed their displeasure on social media. Garrett, 61, also confirmed his sister’s health status on Facebook.

Cole, 79, stated that the 60-year-spouse old’s is aware of the outpouring of love and well-wishes from followers.

“Her spouse stated that the positive response made her very happy and helped her recuperate,” Cole said. “And I’m simply glad that so many people were praying and caring for her. “I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer.”

Cole said she hopes to visit Lyn during Easter when the actress is supposed to be home with family.

“I’m looking forward to that,” Cole exclaimed. “I can’t express how relieved we are that she is on the mend.”

Cole just updated fans on Lyn’s status on her official Facebook page.

“It goes to show you that miracles do happen,” Cole wrote. “She’s weak but on the mend. That’s all I’ll say for the time being. “Many thanks to everyone who prayed for her recovery.”

Last year, Stanley Livingston, who played Lyn’s brother Chip Douglas on the show, was among the first to reveal her condition.

“Just learned that my little TV Sis’, DAWN LYN (Dodie), is in a coma and struggling for her life,” he said on Facebook. “She recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Please pray for her quick and complete recovery.”

“Dawn and I went out to lunch a few months back. We had a terrific time remembering our MTS days. Dawn is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are also with her husband, John. This is heartbreaking news!”

“She is still unconscious and fighting meningitis,” the 72-year-old added. “Her vital signs and brain waves are normal. Doctors and nurses are working hard to combat bacterial illness. They are upbeat.”

A representative for Livingston’s brother, Barry Livingston, who also appeared in the show, said the siblings had spoken with one of Lyn’s relatives.

Lyn was “fighting for her life after undergoing brain surgery,” Cole claimed.

“I’m in contact with John, and I’ll keep you all updated,” she said. “Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well.”

Lyn was “slowly healing” from surgery, according to TMZ in November.

“My Three Sons” was about a widower, played by Fred MacMurray, who raises his three sons with the support of his father-in-law and, subsequently, the children’s great-uncle. The show ran from 1960 through 1972.