Dawn French, a cast member of Vicar of Dibley, shared some of her daily rituals.

On Wednesday, Dawn French updated her Instagram followers on her excruciating health situation and shared how she copes with it.

Dawn said on her Instagram account: “Glamorous start to the day when you have a crumbly knee,” before revealing that she has osteoarthritis. The shot she posted showed her feet and knees with an exercise ball clasped between her thighs.

Dawn has previously talked about her sore knees. According to the NHS, osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis in the UK and causes joints to become uncomfortable and stiff.

Feet and legs and an exercise ball

Dawn is not alone in her agony because the condition most frequently affects the knees, hips, and tiny joints of the hands.

Age, excessive joint use, and obesity can all contribute to osteoarthritis, which can be treated with regular exercise and physiotherapy.

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The 65-year-old is definitely on the right track to managing her osteoarthritis, and she has previously discussed how nutrition and exercise helped her lose 7.5 stone, dropping from 19 stone to 11.5 stone.

Feet and legs using an exercise ball

Dawn explained that she needed to lose weight before having a

hysterectomy after a cancer scare, saying that she decided to have the procedure to remove her womb since her doctor was afraid she had uterine cancer.

“The doctor told me that if I could lose some weight before the operation, they would be able to do it via keyhole, and I would recover in three weeks or so,” she said when her hysterectomy was scheduled. “If not, it would require a major open surgery with a three-month recovery period. So I started my weight-loss program.

“No magic wand,” she clarified. “For weeks and weeks, all I did was eat tiny, joyless low-calorie meals and exercise a lot more. It was dismal. I reduced my weight by 7.5 stone. I might have keyhole surgery. Great. Practical was all it was.

Health of Dawn French

Dawn is in good health overall, despite having osteoarthritis and having previously mentioned having throat nodules.

while you strain or overuse your voice, especially while talking loudly or for a long time as Dawn does on stage during a tour, throat nodules—growths on the vocal cords—can develop.

Dawn French showing off grey fringe and colourful top

Dawn French is transparent regarding her health.

Dawn utilizes a clever device to reduce her discomfort, and we are pleased by how proactive she is in taking care of her health issues!