At 93 years old, Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood is no stranger to the spotlight. However, he has recently been noticeably absent from public view for a staggering 454 days. This extended hiatus has sparked concerns among those who know him well.

Sources reveal that Eastwood may be seriously considering retirement from his illustrious career. “Clint occasionally discusses the idea of retiring, but what troubles him more is the sense that the movie industry has moved on without him,” an insider disclosed. “After his last film, ‘Cry Macho,’ failed to make a splash at the box office, there was disappointment from the new executives at Warner Bros., with whom he has had a longstanding partnership spanning five decades.”

While Eastwood is thrilled to have received approval from Warner Bros. for his upcoming film, “Juror No. 2,” he is uncertain if it will be his last. “He sees this movie as his swan song, his grand finale,” the insider added. “There were talks that ‘Cry Macho’ would be his final film two years ago due to concerns about his frailty, but it didn’t receive the reception he had hoped for. So now, Clint is determined to give it one last shot and deliver a blockbuster.”

Despite the advancing years, Eastwood remains passionate about his craft and is committed to challenging himself. “I never set a specific retirement date. Lately, I’ve flirted with the idea, but then a script comes along that presents me with a new and exciting challenge,” the actor revealed.

But there is no denying that taking on demanding roles at his age is a lot to handle. “People are genuinely worried about his health. Directing a film requires immense effort, and Clint is involved in every aspect, from casting to composing the score,” the source emphasized.

The absence of Clint Eastwood from public life for over 450 days has raised concerns about his well-being. “Clint has always been in great health and remained active despite his advancing age. However, his extended absence has left many in Hollywood anxious,” the source shared. “It’s hard to imagine him as anything other than strong and vibrant, but the passage of time spares no one.”

While we may have to wait and see if Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film truly marks the end of his extraordinary career, one thing is for sure – this Hollywood legend continues to captivate us all.