If you’ve ever found a creative way to beat the system and save some cash, you’re not alone! Here are some clever loopholes that people have discovered to get more bang for their buck. From college hacks to restaurant promotions, these stories will surely bring a smile to your face.

Cafeteria Deli Trick

Imagine paying $8 for a turkey sandwich, when you could have the same ingredients for much less! A Redditor shared their college campus café hack. The deli sandwiches were overpriced, so they turned to the salad bar. By buying some cheap bread, loading up on salad ingredients, and adding some free mayo and mustard packets, they created their own delicious, customized sandwiches for under $2. What a genius way to save money!

Unlimited Soda

In the 90s, a Dr. Pepper promotion offered prizes under the bottle caps, including free Dr. Pepper sodas. One Redditor discovered a clever hack. They realized that the writing inside the cap was sometimes hard to read. By guessing the right words, they kept winning free drinks, enjoying an unlimited supply of soda. Ah, the sweet taste of victory!

Outsmarting Radio Contests

A local radio station held a contest where callers could win prizes if they correctly identified when an artist was played back-to-back. However, one Redditor found a shortcut. They discovered that the radio station’s website had a “now playing” and “up next” feature. Being one step ahead, they started calling in before the second song even played. By winning consistently, they scored concert tickets, a laptop, and more. Talk about being in tune with the system!

Lyft Glitch for Free Rides

When Lyft was new, they offered free rides up to a certain value if you signed up a friend. A deleted user stumbled upon a glitch that allowed them to enjoy free rides for an entire year. They only had to pay if the ride exceeded the free ride value. With a $9 bar ride, this loophole saved them time and money. The stars aligned just right for this lucky passenger!

Maximize Paycheck Hours

One Reddit user shared an interesting encounter with their employer’s pay policy. The company subtracted “break hours” from employees’ pay, regardless of whether they took breaks or not. So, the clever idea was to work just under 40 hours, ensuring that only 5 hours of break time would be deducted. By exploiting this loophole, they got paid almost a full 40 hours of work for only working 39 hours. Hard work mixed with a touch of ingenuity!

Free Burgers at Wendy’s

Wendy’s had a promotion a few years ago where filling out a survey on your receipt could get you a free burger. But here’s the twist: the survey could be taken on the free burger receipt too. One Reddit user and their friends discovered this glitch. They would buy one burger, fill out the survey for a free one, rinse, and repeat. By chaining multiple free burgers, they enjoyed a feast until Wendy’s caught on and closed the loophole. Nothing tastes better than a juicy, free burger!

These are just a few examples of how loopholes can be found in unexpected places. From restaurants to contests, there’s no shortage of opportunities to save money with a little bit of clever thinking. So next time, keep your eyes open and be ready to outsmart the system!