Clarence Gilyard, a ‘Die Hard actor, and UNLV professor, has died.

Clarence Gilyard, a film and television star who loved his job as a UNLV theater professor, died. He was 66. Gilyard’s death was reported in a news release issued by UNLV’s College of Fine Arts on Monday afternoon.

Gilyard had been sick for a long time. There are currently no additional details available.

Gilyard has been a professor in the UNLV Department of Film since 2006. He had been a well-known television, film, and theater professional for almost 30 years at the time.

Gilyard rose to prominence in the 1988 blockbuster “Die Hard” as computer-terrorist expert Theo. For 13 years, he was on prime time, network TV as Andy Griffith’s private detective, Conrad McMasters, on “Matlock,” and later as Jimmy Trivette on “Walker, Texas Ranger,” alongside Chuck Norris.

Gilyard had actually taken a break from his job to focus on teaching at UNLV.

“My manager-agent is upset that I’m not working, but university is simply too much fun.” “It’s like doing a TV series once you start a semester and meet those individuals,” Gilyard said in 2010. “You’re connected to them. How can you abandon them when you can see in their eyes that they rely on you? They have goals for their personal development during those 15 weeks.”

In announcing Gilyard’s death, UNLV College of Fine Arts Dean Nancy Uscher expressed “deep sadness.”

“His students, as well as everyone who knew him, were tremendously impressed by him.” “He had many great qualities and was well-known in the institution for his dedication to teaching and professional successes,” Uscher said in a statement.

“His attitude of generosity was unlimited – he was always willing to help to projects and performances in any manner he could.”

“Whenever we asked him how he was, he would enthusiastically reply that he was ‘Blessed!’” said UNLV film chair Heather Addison. ” But we were blessed to be his colleagues and classmates for so many years.”

Gilyard reprised his character as Theo in a two-minute Die Hard battery commercial that ran during Super Bowl LV in February 21st.

Gilyard and “Die Hard” co-star Bruce Willis reprised their roles as New York City Police Detective John McClane. Gilyard even considered rebooting the “Die Hard” franchise.

“When I became involved again, I thought, ‘This is something I should do,’” he remarked in December 2020. “The scale, the toys, the emphasis, and the teamwork all feel like a return to Hollywood’s mainstream.”