Most of us have played practical jokes on people at some point. But, if we do this in public, we risk being chastised. Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, recently drew backlash for pulling a prank on their son’s birthday. While many people are eager to pass judgment, doing so without all the facts may be premature.

Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram post containing a picture of a prank pulled on their nine-year-old kid during his birthday celebrations sparked the debate.

Several others, however, were quick to criticize Pataky’s behavior after she slammed her son’s face into a chocolate cake. The act has been described as both senseless and hostile by some.

Pataky is seen sticking her son’s head into the cake while Chris Hemsworth and other kids laugh in the background. Several others were perplexed and outraged by the episode, doubting its levity and describing it as an act of violence.

“Why people smash their child’s face in the cake is beyond my comprehension, but whatever,” one commenter commented. “Why do people find this amusing?” “It’s very violent,” another commented before a fourth added, “in my nation [this is] done, but it’s extremely poorly [seen upon] because several accidents have already happened.”

Chris Hemsworth and Pataky have yet to issue a word on the situation. Yet, it is well known that their family is not afraid to take chances. For example, Hemsworth does most of his stunts alone, and considering his role as Thor, it’s evident that such acts would be dangerous.

The actor has publicly highlighted his difficulties when executing his stunts. Yet, he has made an effort to strengthen his self-care routine in recent years. He has also stated his desire for his children to appreciate everything around them.

Despite the outcry, some maintain that the incident may teach youngsters the value of humor when handled correctly. “Violent? “It’s a bit of fun,” one admirer remarked before another added, “Just some basic humor….. They appear to be enjoying a nice time together.”

“Those kids will grow up to be able to take a joke, not some tiny fairy who thinks having their head dipped in frosting is violent,” a third said. “Happy 9th birthday to my two little men!” Chris Hemsworth captioned his image. “There is only one way to consume cake in our house: ram your head into its face first!! ”

“He then explained what happened when he stated, ‘Hey mum, I don’t like chocolate cake, I want vanilla.’ What about right now, son?”

Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem to be, and it’s tempting to be unduly judgmental of people based on what we see on social media.