The “Believe” singer recently caused a fan frenzy by tweeting, “One portion of my life is SO AMAZING,” just last week.

Soon after, she moved to explain the situation by uploading a picture of her new lover along with a heart emoji on social media.

Love doesn’t know math, Cher said, adding that she had already introduced Edwards to the rest of her family. Her remark was likely directed at people who questioned the new couple’s wide age disparity (Cher is 76, while her boyfriend is less than half that at 36).

Cher asserts that she and Edwards first met in October during Paris Fashion Week. They’re still very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but we won’t pretend to be futuristic mathematicians. However, many Cher supporters expressed how happy it made them to see her happy

As she addressed the more cautious Cher fans who might have perceived Edwards as a threat, Cher said: “As we all Know… Despite what I can be certain of, nothing is promised, and I wasn’t born yesterday.”

“You take a chance every time you make a decision. Gambling has always been a part of who I am.” The 76-year-old also made a direct reference to the age gap, stating, “Love doesn’t know math, it sees [red heart emojis].”

Cher has indeed experienced enough to make one believe that she is more than capable of recognizing warning signs if any exist.

The singer, actress, and television personality have been a true star since the 1960s.

She first rose to fame with her husband Sonny Bono and then soon rose to the very top of the music business.

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