Chanelle Hayes Shows The Power Of Photoshop With Before & After Photos

Photoshop has changed the world! The genius program has greatly helped people as it’s used to remove some unwanted details and apply filters. When professionals take the scene with Photoshop, editing awesomeness becomes the stage. However, Chanelle Hayes has recently shown her followers, young and old, how easy it is to remove body imperfections and enhance skin tone using the application.

Chanelle Hayes shares the reality of retouching photos with Photoshop with her fans on Instagram.

The Ex-Big Brother star uploaded a selection of before vs. after snaps, and the difference was quite scary.

In her newest Instagram post, she wrote: “The power of technology these days is scary. Especially if you’re good at it (I clearly am not), joking about how editing pics isn’t for her. She added: “The ease at which we can alter our appearance at the click of a button unnerves me. I am glad this technology wasn’t available to me when I was a teenager because I would have been very, very messed up.”

“The power of technology these days is scary. Especially if you’re good at it,” Her caption read.

The ease at which people can alter their appearance at the click of a button seems to unnerve Chanelle.

The 34-Year-Old Big Brother star attested that the circles of shame in magazines were one thing, but today we all are literally shamed for not editing our photos. Her fans have since weighed in some energy with one person writing: “You are amazing. At last, someone in the public eye who’s being real! You deserve a medal, my lovely.”

In the first unaltered image [of her post], Chanelle appeared healthy, wearing a crop top and leggings.

But in the second image, her stomach got air-brushed; it’s flat. The photoshop also gave her flawless skin.
The nurse in training claimed she’s relieved social media wasn’t quite so prevalent when she was younger.

Another added: “Keep it real. You’re a brilliant example of how people should be instead of being swayed/pressured/bullied by social media etc., to look & keep up to a certain standard.” When Chanelle was 19, she shot to popularity after appearing on Big Brother. It was also during this time her body image started to take a deep dive.

She added: “The ‘circles of shame’ in magazines was one thing, but today we are shamed for not editing our pics.”

However, the 34-year-old has previously opened up about her struggles with her weight.

Speaking to The Sun, referring to her body post-Big Brother, Chanelle explained that her eating habits got worse and that everyone she hung out with in London was smaller than her; hence she felt so big. She stated: “They all took drugs, which I guess explains why they were thin, but that was not something I was into.”

She had been used to having an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.

Post-big brother Chanelle had revealed that her food addiction ignited after taking laxatives for ten years.

“I was living in hotels and would not eat anything all day; if I got absolutely starving, I would eat a tin of tomatoes with hot sauce then take laxatives.” She also got into a diet with slimming pills, but due to her lifestyle and dependency, her diet got out of control when she was not with the pulls and gained weight. Chanelle reportedly attained 17stone 4lbs at a point.

She got into a diet with slimming pills, but her diet got out of control due to her lifestyle and dependency.

Thankfully, she’s now feeling confident after shrinking to 9 and 1/2 stone, with the help of gastric sleeve surgery.

In 2020, she had a gastric sleeve fitted, which assisted in curbing her craving for food as she felt full faster. Chanelle, a nurse in training, has since been able to keep her weight under ten stone, having lost 8.5 stone. At the moment, she enjoys sharing her before and after photos to encourage people to love themselves as they are.

Chanelle is effortlessly learning to embrace her body, including weight loss flaws. She’s such an inspiration!

And yes, she’s a proud mum to sons Blakely, 11, and Frankie, 4.