Celine Dion, the iconic singer, took everyone by surprise at this year’s Grammys. Not only did she make a surprise appearance to present Album of the Year, but she also treated us to an impromptu performance backstage at the award show. It was truly a magical moment.

Dion, who is currently battling stiff person syndrome, has been keeping a low profile since revealing her diagnosis in December 2022. But in this heartwarming video clip, we see her and Grammy-nominated artist Sonyaé enjoying the sweet harmonies of each other’s voices. Their talent is simply breathtaking.

In this short video, we catch a glimpse of Sonyaé’s night at the Grammys, but the highlight is undoubtedly Dion’s incredible talent shining through. It’s clear that her voice, which we all know and love, hasn’t lost any of its power.

While some reports had suggested that Dion may never perform or record again due to her condition, this backstage performance at the Grammys proves otherwise. Although it remains to be seen if she has the stamina for a full concert, one thing is for certain – Celine Dion’s voice remains as captivating as ever.

We are in awe of Celine Dion’s strength and determination. Despite the challenges she faces, she continues to inspire us with her extraordinary talent. Celine, we will always love and support you, no matter what.