Celebrating the Arrival of Kelli Giddish’s Charming New Addition!

Law & Order: SVU fans, get ready to share in the joyous news! Our beloved actress Kelli Giddish, known for her captivating role as Amanda Rollins on the show, has recently welcomed her precious third child into the world – a bouncing baby boy! With hearts overflowing, Kelli took to social media to announce this beautiful milestone and introduce us to the newest member of their growing family.

Sharing the Love

On a heartwarming Thursday, Kelli shared a captivating black and white photo capturing a tender moment with her husband Beau Richards and their adorable little bundle of joy, Oldie Richards. The radiant smile on Kelli’s face tells a story of infinite happiness and gratitude as she gushes over their new addition. It’s clear that the love and joy Oldie brings to their lives is immeasurable, not only for Kelli and Beau, but also for their two brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Warm Wishes and Happiness Pour In

Fans from all corners poured out their love and congratulations for Kelli and her family. One fan, in particular, couldn’t help but point out the special coincidence – the parallel between Kelli’s real-life pregnancy and her character Amanda Rollins’ on the show. How sweet is that? It’s a heartwarming way to immortalize those precious moments, both on and off the screen.

“He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations I love that all three pregnancies were written into SVU too – A very sweet way to immortalize those special moments in your life,” a fan joyfully expressed.

Another fan couldn’t help but admire the captivating photo, saying, “He’s beautiful, what a precious photo of you three”

A Beautiful Blend of Love and Family

Oldie is not the only cherished child in Kelli’s life. In addition to their new bundle of joy, Kelli and Beau are proud parents to Charlie, 4, and Ludo, 7. Together, they create a beautiful blend of love and happiness. Kelli also has two older sons from her previous marriage to Lawrence Faulborn, adding to the wonderful tapestry of their growing family.

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Congratulations, Kelli and Beau, on the arrival of your adorable son, Oldie! The world shares in your immense joy and sends you all the love and happiness as your beautiful family continues to grow. May your days be filled with precious moments and endless smiles, as you embark on this wonderful journey together.