Norman Lear, the legendary television producer, recently turned 101 years old and took the opportunity to offer some heartfelt advice to his well-wishers. Known for creating iconic TV shows like All in the Family, Good Times, and One Day at a Time, Lear wanted to connect with his fans on this special occasion.

In a video message, Lear humorously referred to himself as entering his “second childhood,” eliciting laughter from his admirers. Reflecting on his age, he shared, “I’ve just turned 101, and they say that’s my second childhood. In terms of the care I am receiving, it appears to be so. I get the kind of care that I see youngsters getting at this age.” It was clear that Lear was embracing his older years with a lighthearted spirit.

As he continued his message, Lear emphasized the importance of living in the present moment. He stated, “I am now a 101-year-old toddler, and I am thinking about two little words that we don’t think about often enough: over and next.” Lear explained that when something is finished, it is finished, and we have the privilege of moving on to the next chapter. He likened this mindset to having a hammock between these two terms, creating a beautiful definition for living in the moment.

“I am living in that moment right now, with all of you,” Lear warmly expressed. “May God bless you all and our country.” It was evident that Lear cherished his fans and the support they had shown him over the years.

The comment section of the video quickly filled up with birthday greetings from celebrities like John Mayer, Alyssa Milano, Marisa Tomei, and Tom Bergeron, among others. Judd Apatow, another esteemed producer, took to Instagram to share cute photos of Lear, exclaiming, “Happy 101st Birthday Norman Lear from the people who love you—which is everyone! Your wit and kindness shaped my mind as a young guy, and as an adult, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you as a buddy.”

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also joined in the birthday wishes, tweeting a photo of Lear and stating, “Happy second century to my hero and friend @TheNormanLear – to celebrate number 101, I had a freeway named after you.”

Norman Lear’s impact on the entertainment industry is immeasurable. Born in Connecticut in 1922, Lear served in World War II before embarking on his successful Hollywood career. From Sanford and Son to The Jeffersons, his television hits have touched the lives of millions.

On this momentous occasion, we extend our warmest wishes to Norman Lear on his 101st birthday. He has brought joy and entertainment to countless lives, and we can only hope to see him continue to flourish for many more years to come!

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