Father’s Day is a special occasion to honor and remember fathers for the important role they play in our lives. While there is no right or wrong way to celebrate, each family has its own unique traditions. For the Rosenthal family, Father’s Day has become a way to remember and connect with their late father, even years after his passing. But their unique tradition has sparked both admiration and criticism on social media.

The Rosenthal family’s tradition began in 2010 when Mark Rosenthal, the family patriarch, tragically passed away. His wife, Robin, was left to raise their two children, Sam and Emma, on her own. However, instead of letting his memory fade away, the family found a special way to honor him.

Every year on Father’s Day, Robin and the children visit Mark’s gravesite in Pennsylvania. They have lunch together, eating sandwiches and sharing stories, as if Mark is right there with them. It’s a heartfelt way for them to feel connected to their father, even in death.

The family’s tradition gained attention when they shared a video of their Father’s Day lunch on social media. While many people found it touching and applauded their dedication to honoring their father’s memory, others criticized it as disrespectful.

But for the Rosenthals, their tradition is all about love and connection. They see it as a way to keep their father’s spirit alive and celebrate his role in their lives. It’s a chance for them to share a meal and reminisce about the happy memories they shared with Mark.

Despite the backlash, the Rosenthals have found support from people who understand their unique way of coping with loss. Some even admire their dark humor and appreciate how they find solace in their tradition.

Ultimately, the Rosenthal family’s Father’s Day tradition is a personal choice that works for them. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a reminder that grief and healing are individual journeys. Each family finds their own way to remember and honor their loved ones. So, whether it’s through quiet reflection, visits to a gravesite, or other meaningful traditions, what matters most is keeping the memories of our fathers alive.

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