Catherine Zeta-Jones drew attention as she and her son Dylan Michael Douglas visited the National Treasure: Edge of History on Monday in Los Angeles.

In a low-cut purple Elie Saab dress covered in sequins, the 53-year-old Wednesday actress emphasized her curvaceous cleavage.

She was a happy mother as she posed while holding her 22-year-old firstborn son, who wore a brown three-piece suit.

The Casa Zeta-Jones director stars in the new Disney+ film, which will be available on the streaming service on December 14.

With her bold attire and her attractiveness, Catherine dominated the red carpet.

She looked lovely in her long-sleeved, form-fitting dress, highlighting her slim body.

The ultra-feminine ensemble had vertical slits all over that exposed the entertainer’s skin.

The floor-length dress was capped with a long, draping piece of linen that adorned her shoulders.

Zeta-Jones’ hair was thick and voluminous, with a center part and flirty waves.

She smiled, her flawless face gleaming with warm eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick colors.

The seasoned actress, who has been married to actor Michael Douglas for a long time, stood tall in photos, occasionally striking an authoritative attitude with her hands on her hips.

Dylan, on the other hand, looked handsome in his subduedly patterned co-ord, which he paired with suede dress shoes.

The young actor, who looks up to his famous father, wore his dark hair straight across his face, parted off-center.

He was dressed in a white button-up shirt, an orange tie with a pattern, and an open suit jacket that showed off his vest.

Dylan Michael Douglas, the 22-year-old son of Michael Kirk Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, is now a grown up.

On August 8, Zeta-Jones tweeted a collection of vintage photographs of Dylan from his youth with the caption, “Zero to 22! For me, you are everything. You have already brought so much joy to this world. I love you more than words can express.”

A equally thrilled father submitted a photo of Dylan’s Brown University graduation in May and labeled himself as such.

But, like his famous parents, will the LA native’s latest graduate make an appearance on the big screen? Despite the fact that he already has two IMDB credits to his name—one for delivering Russell’s voice in a Phineas and Ferb episode from 2011 and another for portraying himself in Formula 1: BBC Sport—only time will tell if he can sustain his popularity.

In 2021, Zeta-Jones said that she encourages her children to pursue their dreams of becoming performers. She has a daughter named Carys as well. They are also aware of the disadvantages of show business, she added, saying “They realize what celebrity is. They are aware of all that is good, bad, and ugly.”

What do we know about Dylan Michael Douglas right now, and is he destined for greatness like his performing parents?

He graduated from Brown University.

Dylan Michael Douglas graduated from Brown University with a degree in political science in May. On their son’s happy day, both of his parents gushed about the achievement on their Instagram accounts.

However, Zeta-Jones has already written on her blog about Dylan’s college experiences. She shared a short video of herself visiting the university in October 2019 to spend time with him, and compliments about how handsome her son came in.

Despite the family’s wealthy surroundings, Zeta-Jones worked hard to provide Dylan an authentic and realistic life experience. She raised him in Bermuda for 12 years while staying out of the spotlight.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Zeta-Jones stated that she frequently receives compliments on how her children are “quite down to earth,” which she attributes to the fact that “they weren’t raised in Hollywood. We were able to keep certain of their early memories for a longer period of time than other people,” she continued.