The news about Bruce Willis’ health condition sent shockwaves through the film business. One of Hollywood’s most-known figures was afflicted with a disease that hampered his capacity to speak properly and left his dedicated fans in disbelief.

After nine months, a rumor is circulating about the possible source of the actor’s condition.

In 2003, the actor, a specialist in action films who has more recently acted in low-budget feature films, was involved in an accident while making a film directed by Antoine Fuqua, a production of a war movie, which could have caused his aphasia. The actor has recently appeared in low-budget feature films.

“Aphasia, the condition causing our close buddy Bruce’s cognitive abilities to degrade, was only recently recognized. Bruce has recently experienced a variety of health issues. As a result of this, and after much deliberation, Bruce has decided to leave the career that has meant so much to him,” the statement made during March.

However, the cause of his illness was unknown to the general public but not to those closest to him. Members of this group have now indicated that warning signs of the disease had been present for many years.

According to a Filmstars story published in Germany, an event on the set of “Tears of the Sun” could be the source of the problem.

Aphasia is a type of brain impairment that makes communication difficult. This sickness not only makes it difficult for the patient to communicate with others, but it also makes it difficult to comprehend what they hear. The story came from individuals close to Bruce Willis after an unknown acquaintance revealed to The Sun in March 2022 that the changes in Bruce Willis’ behavior had started five years before.

“At first, it was nothing serious; it was just minor things like he needed earphones to help him converse. However, it grew in importance over time. Everyone who knew him knew something was wrong with him, but we didn’t know what it was. We were aware that there was a problem with his cognitive abilities; this was not a secret; yet, the diagnosis and the news that he would no longer be performing came as a surprise, “according to the source.

During the filming of “Tears of the Sun,” Bruce Willis was involved in an accident in which a ” projectile struck him in the head.”

As a result, the actor filed a lawsuit against Revolution Studios for causing him “severe mental, physical, and emotional agony,” as well as Joe Pancake, the special effects manager.