Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are often regarded as the most amicable ex-couples in Hollywood. The pair, who have been married for 11 years and have three daughters, Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28, have become even closer since Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis.

The degenerative illness diminishes a person’s ability to comprehend and communicate in speech. Bruce, the actor of the film Die Hard, said earlier this year that he will be retiring from acting due to sickness, along with his children and his 13-year wife Emma Heming.

Demi has kept in touch with Bruce and Emma on a regular basis, according to a source. She will call the phone if she is not at his side just so Bruce may hear her voice. She is doing everything she can to be with him.

The entire family is rallying behind the 67-year-old celebrity. According to the insider, they are aware that he will not be present forever. As a result, they are appreciating every minute.

Demi and Bruce’s extended family, which includes his two kids with Emma, ages 10 and 8, frequently spends vacations in Idaho.

The favorite family habits, such as their pajama parties and game nights, survived, according to the insider.

Demi and Emma’s friendship has become stronger as they both struggle with Bruce’s decline. His wife is now serving as a middleman between the ex-partners.

According to an insider, “Bruce can’t say much, and it doesn’t appear like he understands much of what people say,” therefore Emma has been his major spokesperson and communicator.

Despite his worsening condition, his loved ones are doing everything they can to keep him alive, especially with the holiday season approaching.

“There are occasions when they catch glimmers of the old Bruce, but they are few and far between,” the source claimed, adding that they are heartbroken since he appears to be drifting further away.

They are all eager to spend the holidays with their adored father. “The girls can’t envision Christmas without Bruce,” an insider said. The older girls miss the old Bruce, who used to mock them about their partners and give them unrequested advise. It’s been awful to see him deteriorate.

“All they can do is tell him they love him and hope for a holiday miracle with Christmas right around the way,” the insider stated.