Bruce Willis’ daughters, Scout and Tallulah, have spoken out about their father’s health following his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia. In an Instagram post, they expressed their pride in their stepmother, Emma Heming Willis, for raising awareness about the disease.

Both Scout and Tallulah praised Emma for her bravery and love in sharing their family’s story. They emphasized the importance of raising awareness about frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and commended Emma for championing the cause.

Tallulah, in an article she wrote for Vogue Magazine, revealed that she had noticed something was wrong with her father for some time. At first, she attributed his unresponsiveness to Hollywood hearing loss, but later realized it was a broader issue. She confessed that she had mistakenly thought her father had lost interest in her but now understands that his behavior had nothing to do with her.

Emma Heming Willis, who has been married to Bruce since 2009, shared in an interview that they have been open and honest with their daughters, Mabel and Evelyn, about Bruce’s diagnosis. They wanted to eliminate any stigma or shame associated with dementia. Emma emphasized the importance of explaining the disease to their children so that they could understand and support their father.

She also acknowledged the difficulties that come with dementia, both for the person diagnosed and for their family. Emma recognized that it is truly a “family disease.” It affects everyone involved, and they are navigating the challenges together.

Bruce Willis, who retired in 2022 after being diagnosed with aphasia, announced in March 2023 that his condition had progressed to frontotemporal dementia. His daughters and stepmother are determined to raise awareness, dispel stigma, and support their father through this challenging journey.