Brendan Fraser has melted hearts after appearing touched when a fan thanked him for making her childhood “awesome”.

A new video posted to TikTok shows a sweet moment the fan had with the 53-year-old George of the Jungle star.

The fan in question, who goes by @imani.goulet on the platform, captioned the clip: “I love this man.”

She went on to write: “My photo op with him and my signed Funko are on my Instagram: imani.goulet. Everyone always says to never meet your heroes, I met mine and we almost burst into tears talking to each other. Thank you for everything, Brendan!

Imani also included the hashtags “brendanfraserappreciation” and “brenaissance”.

Check out the video below:

@imani.goulet #brendanfraser #brendanfraserappreciation #brenaissance ♬ original sound – imani 🌱

At a photo op, Fraser is seen signing a box containing a Funko figure of himself. He also bonds with Imani over a shared experience with people mispronouncing their names.

“I’ve had a lifetime of people mispronouncing my name. I know what it feels like,” he tells the fan, who commends him for being able to say her name correctly.

The fan then thanks the actor for signing her doll and her friend proceeds to tell him: “Thank you for making my childhood awesome.”

“And mine too,” the fan with the Funko figure chimes in.

Fraser, clearly emotional, responds by giving the young women each a fist bump.

Thus far, the video has racked up nearly 3,000 comments, with many drawing attention to Fraser’s reaction to his fans’ appreciation of him.

Credit: TikTok / @imani.goulet

Credit: TikTok / @imani.goulet

Credit: TikTok / @imani.goulet

One said: “You can tell that last comment really meant SO much to him and I am HERE FOR IT.”

Another added: “The way he purses his mouth when you said he made your childhood awesome. So humble and sweet. I have adored him always.”

A third fan gushed: “I wish I could tell him now many times me and my sister have watched his movies how many times we watched the mummy movies we can quote the movies.”

This comes less than a year after The Mummy star became emotional after hearing how much everybody had been rooting for him recently.