Addiction is a struggle that can affect anyone, regardless of their fame or success. Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper understands this firsthand, and he recently shared his personal battle with addiction on the show “Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challenge.” His story is one of redemption and serves as an inspiration to anyone facing addiction.

Cooper revealed that his battle with addiction began well before he rose to fame with his breakout role in “The Hangover.” For a decade, he faced the hardships of addiction, but he managed to rise above it. “I didn’t get lost in fame,” he shared. However, he did admit to having wild years filled with alcohol and drugs. It’s important to note that his addiction had nothing to do with his rise to stardom.

At the age of 29, Cooper made a life-changing decision to get sober. Now, 19 years later, he continues to live a sober lifestyle, considering himself “very lucky” to have fought and overcome his addiction. His journey was not an easy one, as he experienced low self-esteem and felt lost after leaving the TV show “Alias.” However, his past struggles ultimately shaped his remarkable portrayal of Jackson Maine in the critically acclaimed film “A Star is Born” in 2018.

Cooper opened up about hitting “rock bottom” during a candid conversation on the “Smartless” podcast. A friend visiting his place noticed that he had neglected to let his dogs out, and that moment served as a wake-up call. “That was the first time I ever realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol,” Cooper revealed. This realization changed his entire life.

Cooper’s story is a testament to the fact that addiction does not discriminate based on success or fame. His journey of redemption and triumph is an inspiration to anyone battling addiction. It’s never too late to make a change and find a path to recovery. Cooper’s experience proves that with determination and support, it is possible to overcome the darkest of times and turn one’s life around.