You’ll smile as you watch these adorable Brazilian brothers interact with one another.

It’s heartwarming to witness the two of them crying over their shared love and cuddling. Through a straightforward slice of cake, they were both able to express how much they value one another.

The brothers serve as a constant reminder that family love comes with a sense of humor as we age. We become better people as a result of the recollections of arguments that ended up being genuine friendships, and they make us smile every time we think about them.

A family will always feel uncomfortable talking about how they genuinely feel about one another. Siblings, especially those who are close in age, may occasionally argue about insignificant issues, but they always stand up for one another when it counts.

By following a Brazilian family custom of giving the first slice of cake to the person you love the most, this endearing pair of brothers show how much they care for one another.

Given their good relationship, it is clear that the two brothers are very similar. According to the video, his younger brother has complete faith in his big brother, which is evident in his laid-back demeanor around him.