Bindi Irwin appears to be on the mend after undergoing extensive endometriosis surgery – and in good spirits!

“Healing <3 I’ve spent the week reading your encouraging remarks and hearing about your triumphs over endometriosis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. I can finally see a new myself on my way to more excellent health.”

“I can’t wait to devote all my efforts to our family and the conservation work we are so passionate about. I’m sending you my love and light,” on Tuesday, March 14, the 24-year-old posted a selfie of herself in bed clutching some gorgeous roses.

Fans were naturally delighted to see the reality star happy.

Someone remarked, “I’m delighted you’re using this time to recuperate physically and emotionally. You are a true light in this world,” one person stated. At the same time, another said, “Excellent, get plenty of rest and feel better soon. Thank you so much for raising awareness about us endo warriors.”

A third individual commented, “Continue to rest and think about yourself and your healing, which can be difficult as a mother, right? Everything was fine with the husband and family. You’ll be OK, dear.”

As reported by OK!, the animal lover spoke up to followers about her recent struggles.

“Dear Colleagues, I debated for a long time whether I should share this trip with you in such a public setting. It all came down to my duty to share my story to aid other needy women. For the past ten years, I’ve battled insurmountable tiredness, agony, and nausea.”

“Attempting to be cheerful and hide the sorrow has been difficult. Several tests, doctor visits, scans, and other procedures have occurred over the last ten years.”

“A doctor told me it was just something women have to live with, and I gave up ultimately, attempting to function through the pain. I didn’t find answers until a friend, @lesliemosier, helped me get back on track with my life,” she posted on Tuesday, March 7.

“I opted to get endometriosis surgery. Coming in for surgery was terrifying, but I knew I couldn’t live like this. Because of the suffering, every aspect of my life was being ripped apart. To cut a long tale short, they discovered 37 lesions, some very deep and difficult to remove, and a chocolate cyst. When I was in recovery, @seckinmd’s first words were, ‘How did you live with this much pain?’” she went on.

Irwin stated that she had been in “indescribable anguish” for years and was grateful to have been surrounded by individuals who were there for her every step.

“THANK YOU to my family and friends who have been on this path with me for 10+ years for supporting me to discover answers when I thought I’d never be able to climb out.”

“Thank you to the doctors and nurses who took my discomfort seriously. I’m on the mend, and the thankfulness I feel is incredible. To friends perplexed by the canceled plans, ignored messages, and my absence: I had been putting every ounce of energy I had left into our daughter and family, ” she stated.