The recent red carpet appearance of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez caused quite a stir in the media. Reports of a heated argument between the couple quickly spread like wildfire. However, it seems that the truth has been somewhat distorted.

A lip reader has shed light on what was really going on during their exchange. According to the lip reader, Affleck and Lopez were actually discussing their positions and poses for the photographers, rather than engaging in a fight.

In fact, J-Lo was concerned about whether her low-cut top was revealing too much. Reassuringly, Affleck leaned in and told her not to worry, assuring her that everything would be great. Lopez then asked him to come closer, to which he responded affectionately.

Throughout their interaction, it was evident that they care for each other. Affleck affectionately kissed Lopez and asked if she was alright. It was a moment that showcased their bond amidst the intense scrutiny they face.

It’s not the first time their public appearances have been misinterpreted. In a previous incident, Lopez apparently asked Affleck to pretend to have fun at the Grammy Awards. Affleck playfully responded, indicating that he might do so.

Despite the negative coverage they’ve been receiving, it’s heartening to see that Affleck and Lopez are getting along just fine. Let’s focus on the positive and support this iconic couple as they navigate the challenges of the public eye.

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