Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are deeply in love now, but Stefani didn’t even know Shelton existed – even though they were both celebrities.

“The country singer only came into my life when he landed a job as a coach on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice,” she says.

“I had no idea he existed before the program,” Stefani, who returns to the show as a coach this season, said on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM “Radio Andy” show. “I had no idea he was human in this world.”

Stefani enjoys that the two come from entirely different musical and real-life cultures.

“It’s insane. I mean, it’s now normal,” she explained. “I’ve recognized that he’s a genuine redneck.”

“I simply adore how varied our genres are,” she remarked.

Stefani claimed she didn’t know what to anticipate from their collaboration.

“I felt it was going to be (extra) this time because I feel like we’re so deep into the relationship, and it’d been so long since I’d been on the show, and I didn’t know how we’d be just us and competing,” she explained.

The former No Doubt frontwoman will not be frightened working or singing in front of the country artist, even though she was once.

“We had created a song together called ‘Go Ahead and Break My Heart’ when we first met,” she revealed of their 2016 smash. “I remember him coming over because we were going to rehearse it for the first time. We hadn’t even hung out in a long time. I guess I soaked through my clothes while trying to sing while he played the guitar.”

“We wrote this song when we weren’t even in the same song,” she added. “He emailed me a verse, and then I sent him the answer to it in the song on my phone. That was certainly exciting.”

“He’s just so amazing,” Stefani said of her partner.

“Blake is a unicorn in every way. People are drawn to him everywhere he goes,” she remarked. “He’s a phenomenal artist.”