Dogs are devoted companions who stick by their owners through thick and thin. Dogs have been discovered resting alongside children who have gone missing after wandering off; they have stood guard near a soldier’s casket.

Sadie is no exception. Her human parents adopted this border collie-dalmatian-shepherd hybrid when she was eight weeks old.

Her human father’s sudden death, on the other hand, saddened her. When emergency responders stopped working on her husband at their home, Sadie walked up to him, settled down alongside him, and poked his hand with her nose, according to Sadie’s mom Julia Beaulieu.

Not only did Julia struggle with her husband’s abrupt death, but so did Sadie. The dog would stand by the window, as she always did, waiting for her owner to pull into the driveway.

Sadie didn’t eat for ten days and lost ten pounds. So, when Julia was planning her husband’s memorial service, she included Sadie.

Julia believed that saying farewell to her loved one in person was in Sadie’s best interests. Sadie came up to the casket with Julia, stood on her hind legs, and gazed in.

Julia described her dog as having a shocked expression on her face, almost perplexed by what she saw. Then Sadie seemed to relax and remained at her mother’s side.

Pets are family, according to Jeremy May of Elements Cremation, which coordinated the memorial ceremony. As such, more and more families are bringing their four-legged loved ones to visitations and other events. They took the touching photo and posted it to show how beautiful the link between humans and pets is.

“At Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial, this photo has moved us greatly and the family and we wish to share it with you.” A unique moment between a man, his wife, and their best friend is captured in this snapshot. She had lately lost her beloved spouse to a tragic heart attack and wished to meet him one last time to say her final farewell…

She got depressed after his death, refused to eat, and waited for him to return home every day. The wife believed Sadie would benefit from saying goodbye and finding closure, and she was correct!”

Sadie came in the entrance of her house after returning from the memorial service and ate her first meal. Seeing her loved one for the last time provided the dog with the closure she required.

Julia and Elements Cremation have shared a heartbreaking yet lovely experience. May they find peace together in the coming years.