Alec Baldwin believes he will not face criminal charges for the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust.

“I hired a private investigator,” Baldwin told CNN, later adding, “These last ten months have stolen years off my life.”

Baldwin was practicing with the gun that killed Halyna on October 21. According to an FBI forensic study made public last week, the.45 Colt could not have been shot without someone pulling the trigger. The discovery of 150 live rounds of ammunition on the site was also mentioned.

Baldwin, the film’s producer, has repeatedly stated that he never fired the shot. Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the film’s armorer and props assistant, and assistant director Dave Halls, according to the actor, are both responsible for Halyna’s death.

Dave Halls handed the actor the gun and said it was “cold,” suggesting that it was empty of live bullets.

Why didn’t Gutierrez Reed double-check that bullet? What caused Halls to disobey her? Baldwin was curious. “Why did he hand me the gun?” What made him fail to check? Why did he tell the crew the pistol was cold?

The results of Baldwin’s private investigator support his judgment that no one will face criminal charges.

Baldwin stated that he wanted to finish Rust for Halyna’s family because “we wanted to put the money in the kid’s pocket.” Matt Hutchins and Halyna Hutchins had a son together. They are suing Baldwin and others for wrongful death. Matt, on the other hand, previously called the actor’s attitude that he is not accountable “absurd.”

“Someone should have known better than to put a live ammunition in the weapon,” Baldwin continued. “Gutierrez Reed was assigned the task. Because there were no live rounds on the set, her job was to analyze the ammunition and insert the dummy cartridge or blank round.”

“There are two people who did not do what they were supposed to do,” he stated.

“I’m not sitting there saying I want their lives to be horrible or that they should go to prison. Although I do not want that, I do want everyone to understand that those two are to blame for what happened.”

Baldwin underlined how tragic Halyna’s death was once more.

“Someone died when it could have been avoided.” He thought it was completely worthless. ” That is something I think about on a daily basis.”

On social media, Baldwin published a piece of the CNN interview in which she explained how the pistol shot without the user touching the trigger.

Prosecutors in Santa Fe County have not stated how they intend to proceed with their investigation.

“I’m very sure neither of them should ever work on a film set again,” Baldwin asserted.

“I truly believe investigators will come to the conclusion that this was an accident. It’s dreadful.”

The actor stated that he did not want to “condemn” Gutierrez Reed.

“I mean, maybe it’s the Catholic in me,” Baldwin explained.

“I feel forced to state unequivocally that I do not wish to see anyone suffer. While I’m sitting here, I don’t want to say, ‘Go get her and condemn her.’ “

Baldwin is seeking to distract attention away from himself, according to Halls and Gutierrez Reed’s counsel.

Baldwin went on to explain that the accident had cost him five jobs in less than a year.

“I got sacked from another job yesterday,” he added.

“I was all set to catch a plane and head to the movies. These people and I have been talking for months, and they just told me that they don’t want to work with me on the project because of this.”

Many people have weighed in on the tragedy, including former President Donald Trump, who said Baldwin purposefully shot the videographer.

“There’s just this flood of dumb people criticizing me,” he said. Baldwin stated that his wife Hilaria, who is expecting their seventh child, has been his strength throughout this experience.

“I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have my wife,” he remarked.

“Without her, I would have likely given up, retired, gone off, sold everything I owned, bought a house in the middle of nowhere, and found another job, such as selling real estate.”