Audrey Roloff and her one-year-old son, Radley, have reached a significant milestone. Yet the star of Little People, Big World, isn’t overjoyed.

Audrey announced on Instagram that she and Jeremy’s youngest son no longer breastfeed.

Yet the decision, according to the 31-year-old mother of three, was entirely his.

Audrey posted a sweet photo of her son cuddling up with mommy on Instagram.

He sucked on a pacifier while staring directly into the camera.

Audrey noted in the comments that it was a brutal rite of passage for her.

“Refused the boob for the first time tonight,” she said, adding sarcastically, “I’m not crying,” and ending with a crying emoji.

Radley appeared to be healed from a health scare last month.

The ex-TLC star was carrying an upset Radley in the photo she posted to her Instagram Stories.

The picture shows the youngest Roloff youngster nestled close to his mother, peering into the camera as he sucked, perhaps fiercely, on his pacifier.

During the photo shoot, the mother of three embraced her baby child in her arms.

Audrey wrote the otherwise touching photo, “Fevers and theft on the same day,” hinting that the baby had stolen something that day.

Radley’s flushed cheeks and upset-looking facial expressions indicated the toddler was suffering from something unpleasant, such as a fever.

Not to mention Audrey appeared tired in the photo as if she had been caring for a sick baby all day.

Days later, the reality star was chastised for her unique approach to caring for the baby.

Her most recent attempt to relieve his fever was a “magic” sock act that perplexed admirers.

Audrey shared an Instagram Stories shot of Radley’s feet in heavy socks.

“Tried the magic sock trick for the first time last night, and it worked,” she added.

“Cold, wet socks on top of thick wool socks!” By the morning, I was completely dry and fever-free.”

A concerned Reddit member shared a photo snapshot, and other users couldn’t believe it.

“If my mother did that to me, I would hold it against her for the rest of her life,” one person stated.

“What the hell?” wrote another. I don’t think letting a child break a fever spontaneously is wrong, which is what most crunchy moms do, but this is ridiculous. That can’t be pleasant.”

“So his fever broke naturally while he slept,” a third stated. But it was the socks.”

“Just give your kid ibuprofen and stop doing risky s***,” someone else said.