An incredible sighting in Florida has left locals astonished and concerned for the well-being of an alligator with the top half of its jaw missing. The shocking image, captured by Eustacia Kanter at Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford, Florida on August 29, has sparked a call for help from the community.

A Concerning Condition

The photograph reveals the alligator’s fully visible tongue and a snout torn below the eyeballs, creating a somber sight. Wildlife rehabilitator Kim Titterington was taken aback by the shocking state of the alligator, describing it as “very startling.” Despite the alligator displaying good body weight and signs of healing, Titterington believes its chances of survival in the wild are slim.

Investigating the Cause

Without capturing the elusive alligator, Titterington can only speculate on the cause of its condition. She suggests that the injury may have been inflicted by another alligator or possibly as a result of being caught in a hunting snare. The clean cut suggests that a snare might have caused the damage.

Seeking Assistance

Taking swift action, Katrina Shadix shared the photo on Facebook, seeking help for the injured alligator. In response, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reported that their officers are actively searching for the alligator and have a licensed facility prepared to provide care once it is captured. However, at present, the FWC has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment, leaving the situation uncertain.

A Troubling Trend

Sadly, this is not the first incident involving an alligator facing adversity in Florida. Earlier this year, another alligator was discovered with its mouth taped shut in a pond in Hillsborough County, enduring unimaginable pain for two long months. Fortunately, it was rescued and swiftly taken to Gatorama, a family-run alligator park in Palmdale, where it received immediate care and treatment.