Lemuel Buster, 76, took it upon himself to rent a car after his vehicle broke down so that he wouldn’t miss a game. In Georgia’s Paulding County, Buster works as a referee for the parks and recreation department.

Buster’s past with volleyball informs his dedication to and commitment to his children. He participated in the sport while in the Navy and is thrilled to do so again.

Which is why Buster opted to hire a car after his broke down and he couldn’t get it mended. Students and parents who witnessed him renting cars to attend their games were aware of this.

The volleyball players and their families started to covertly accumulate money so that Buster could buy a new car, which the referee was unaware of. Lemuel Buster’s unwavering focus on his students helped this town unite around this noble endeavor.

The effort of the community was not in vain. A used car lot owner and the father of one of the players made the decision to support the respected referee as well.

To present Buster with the funds they had raised, they all gathered in the school gym. For his efforts, the neighborhood gave him $1,000 in cash, a $25 Walmart gift card, free meals at McDonald’s, and—most significantly—a Chrysler Sebring convertible.

When Lemuel Buster saw his car as he stepped outside the school gym, he started to cry with joy. After saying “thank you” to everyone, the referee was able to make it home in his own vehicle.