Arnold Schwarzenegger, renowned action hero and former US politician, is known not only for his successful acting career but also for his impressive physique. Winning the Mr. Universe title at the young age of 20, Arnold made a lasting impact on the bodybuilding world. Even in his retirement, Arnold continues to prioritize his fitness, often sharing his remarkable workouts with fans on social media.

Now, it seems that Arnold’s passion for bodybuilding has been passed down to his son, Joseph Baena. The 25-year-old has been diligently working on his biceps and is proudly displaying the results. In recent snapshots posted on Instagram, Joseph can be seen working out in an idyllic outdoor gym, exuding confidence as he flexes his enormous biceps and rippling muscles.

One photo captures Joseph facing the camera, flashing a grin as he strikes a pose. In another, he turns to showcase the impressive muscles on his back. These images highlight the uncanny resemblance between father and son, with Joseph truly being the spitting image of his famous dad.

This isn’t the first time the father-son duo has shown their shared love for exercise. They previously worked out together to celebrate Arnold’s 72nd birthday, further solidifying their bond through fitness.

Before gaining fame in Hollywood and politics, Arnold was a prominent figure in the bodybuilding world during the 1960s and 1970s. He claimed the highly coveted Mr. Olympia title seven times, solidifying his status as a legendary bodybuilder. Even in his 70s, Arnold still occasionally strikes his classic bodybuilding poses, although he admits it sometimes brings him to tears, but he does so in the privacy of his own bathroom.

These days, Arnold’s motivation for training has evolved. He works out to “stay alive” and to maintain his physical abilities for his movie projects. At 76 years old, he continues to inspire others with his dedication to fitness.

In addition to Joseph, Arnold is a proud father to Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher, whom he shares with his ex-wife Maria Shriver. Joseph’s mother is the family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

We can’t help but admire Joseph’s hard work and dedication to bodybuilding, following in his father’s footsteps while carving his own path. With Arnold as his mentor, Joseph is poised to make his own mark in the fitness world, showcasing the incredible strength and legacy of the Schwarzenegger family.