FILES – Picture taken 19 May 1977 of shows American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posing during the 38th Cannes film festival, where he presented Pumping Iron, a documentary whom spreads his fame beyond bodybuilding circles. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born 30 June 1947 in the city of Graz, Austria. Schwarzenegger is cashing in on his body-building legacy with a multi-million-dollar magazine deal that has critics accusing California’s celebrity governor of abusing his political muscle. A five-year contract he signed just days before being sworn in as governor guarantees him at least one million dollars a year as executive editor of a set of fitness magazines, documents showed 14 July 2005. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)

Joseph Baena, the 25-year-old son of action hero and former bodybuilder turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, is following in his famous father’s footsteps. In new photos shared on Instagram, Joseph proudly displays his well-built physique, a testament to his dedication and hard work in the gym.

As the winner of the Mr Universe title at the age of 20, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a name for himself not just in Hollywood but also in the world of bodybuilding. His impressive muscles were recognized by fans worldwide. Even though he is now retired, Arnold continues to prioritize his fitness and often shares his remarkable workout routines on social media.

Joseph has clearly inherited his father’s passion for bodybuilding. These latest photos showcase years of effort, resulting in his absolutely massive biceps and rippling muscles. With his sunglasses, shoes, and shorts, Joseph confidently works out in an outdoor gym, radiating confidence and strength. Whether facing the camera with a grin or turning to show off his back muscles, he clearly embodies his father’s dedication to fitness.

The striking resemblance between Joseph and his actor father is undeniable. They have previously expressed their shared love for working out, even celebrating Arnold’s 72nd birthday in the gym together. Before his success in Hollywood and politics, Arnold was a prominent figure in the bodybuilding community, winning the prestigious Mr Olympia title seven times in the 60s and 70s.

Now in his 70s, Arnold still occasionally strikes his classic bodybuilding poses, albeit in private. In an interview with Men’s Health, he confessed that these poses sometimes bring him to tears. However, his motivation to train has evolved over the years. He now works out to “stay alive” and maintain his physical abilities for his movie career.

In addition to Joseph, Arnold is a proud father to Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher. Joseph’s mother is the family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Arnold Schwarzenegger remains an iconic figure, not just for his contributions to bodybuilding but also for his success in the entertainment industry and politics. His legacy lives on through his son Joseph, who embodies the same passion for fitness and muscle-building.