Are you walking with Jesus?

Is “Accepting Jesus” All to Becoming a Christian?

Many Christians believe they must get as many as possible to “accept Jesus.” But did you know Jesus said it is impossible to come to Him without God’s calling?

“Give your heart to the Lord!”

If you flip through the channels on a Sunday morning, you will hear many TV preachers using these words trying to encourage their viewers to “accept Jesus” and “be saved.” Most of Protestant Christianity, especially the evangelical movement, is based on the premise that Christians need to expose as many as possible to the name of Jesus Christ in order to save them from hell.

The thinking goes like this: Since the Bible is dogmatic about the need for each person to accept Jesus Christ as Savior (Acts 4:12), it is essential for Christianity to spread the name of Jesus Christ far and wide. Christians must get as many as possible to verbally accept Jesus as Savior now so they can supposedly go to heaven when they die and be “saved” from eternal torment or separation from God.

How this is carried out varies—from altar calls at evangelistic meetings, to short prayers television preachers give people to read, to one-on-one meetings to persuade people to take this step.

The underlying belief is that God is trying to save the entire world today. In other words, God is in a titanic battle to save as many people as possible because this lifetime is when each person will make the decision that will affect him or her for eternity.

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