In a viral Instagram video, 26-year-old blogger Gracie Bon from Panama expressed her frustration with airline seats. Gracie, who is known for her curvy figure, highlighted the difficulties faced by people with larger bodies when trying to fit into airplane seats.

Gracie believes that the narrow aisles, small seats, and tight seatbelts are not designed to accommodate individuals with her proportions. She called on airlines to address these concerns and find a solution that allows everyone to travel comfortably.

She shared her personal experience of struggling to fasten her seatbelt on a plane, even when flying in first class. Gracie’s plea to the airlines is simple: “Airplanes are too small for big people. It’s 2024. Bodies are changing, so planes should too. I won’t lose my butt to fit on a plane. So give me another solution, or just make the seats bigger.”

Gracie’s video sparked a debate, with opinions divided. While some criticized her and suggested buying two seats or blamed her for choosing surgery, others agreed with her and shared their own experiences. Many expressed the need for larger seats and more comfortable seatbelts.

Gracie has been open about her decision to undergo a tummy tuck surgery, but she clarifies that her hips have always been naturally large. She emphasizes that her motivation for the surgery was not to change who she is, but rather to take care of her body and address health issues like knee pain and difficulty breathing.

Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Share this story with others and see whether they agree with Gracie or not. The question remains: are airline seats suitable for today’s bodies?