The founder of Goop uploaded a picture of her teenage daughter wearing a vintage Alexander McQueen dress.

Apple Martin is making the most of the gifts from her mother Gwyneth Paltrow. It is an Alexander McQueen gown in this instance.

The 50-year-old actress and entrepreneur of Goop posted on Instagram on Thursday to respond to some inquiries from followers, one of which was about her archival closet.

One follower questioned, “Does Apple ever wear any of your fashion archives?”

In response, Paltrow posted a picture of her daughter, 19, wearing the same Alexander McQueen gown that Paltrow wore at the 2002 Academy Awards.

The adolescent, who Paltrow shares with Chris Martin of Coldplay, poses inside a walk-in wardrobe while holding one hand on her hip and the other under her chin. Moses Martin, who is 17 years old, was born to the now-ex-couples.

Martin didn’t just try on any garment; it was a dress that generated conversation due to its audacity and gothic style.

The outfit consisted of a rumpled skirt and a sheer mesh top with a crisscross pattern in the center.

Paltrow confessed she regrets handling the gown more than ten years after wearing it.

She said, “There were a few issues; I still love the dress itself but I should have worn a bra and just had simple beachy hair and less makeup,” in a 2013 Q&A article published on Goop’s website. Then, some punk at the Oscars would have worked as I had hoped.

Her stance on the debate has changed in recent years. “Everybody hated [it], but I think it’s kind of dope,” she said in her Vogue Life in Looks video 2021. “I had a weird hangover about it for a while because people were critical,” she said, adding that the punk edge had a bit of a shock factor.

The Iron Man star has a few other options to pass down to Martin. “I’ve saved a lot of shoes for Apple. Lucky for her, I have plenty of ’90s [pieces],” she said in a closet tour uploaded to Goop’s Youtube channel in February.

While filming, the Oscar winner also uncovered a white floral-embroidered Calvin Klein dress she once wore on a date with her ex Brad Pitt.

“I think I wore [it] to a premiere when I was going out with Brad Pitt,” she said, referring to their date night at the 1996 premiere of The Pallbearer in New York City. “It’s giving that very ’90s ‘I don’t give a f—k [attitude].”

Martin is in the process of emerging as a new fashion It girl.

She is a private person who rarely makes public appearances, so when she made her Paris Fashion Week debut at Chanel’s Haute Couture show at the beginning of the year, admirers were shocked.

Along with Sadie Sink and Lucy Boynton, she was one of the A-list guests who supported the company from the front row. She appeared extremely similar to her mother by dressing up in a checkered tweed mini-skirt suit, loafers, and pin-straight hair.

Apple Martin was introduced to Karl Lagerfeld when she was 4 years old, and the designer told him she’d grow up to be a Chanel girl, according to Derek Blasberg.”It took place today!”