Angie Dickinson, the remarkable actress with a career spanning over six decades, has recently revealed a secret that has captivated both fans and Hollywood. At the age of 92, Dickinson has finally disclosed the identity of the man who stole her heart, the one she considers the love of her life: the iconic crooner, Frank Sinatra.

Their passionate on-and-off romance lasted for two decades, starting in 1953 when they first met on the set of the Colgate Comedy Hour. Sinatra, captivated by Dickinson’s beauty and charm, wasted no time in pursuing her. Despite Dickinson’s initial reservations, Sinatra’s persistence paid off, and their connection blossomed.

Their electrifying on-screen chemistry was undeniable, particularly in the iconic film “Ocean’s 11,” where Dickinson played Sinatra’s wife. Their real-life relationship only grew stronger during the filming, leading to discussions of marriage. However, Dickinson chose not to marry Sinatra, citing concerns about his late-night lifestyle and her desire to maintain a positive relationship with his ex-wife, Nancy.

But even though they didn’t tie the knot, Dickinson’s love and admiration for Sinatra remained unwavering. She often spoke fondly of their time together, marveling at his extraordinary talent and the deep connection they shared. Even after marrying composer Bert Barak in 1965 and becoming a mother, Dickinson continued to hold Sinatra in high regard.

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