Angelina Jolie’s life has always been in the spotlight, from her highly-publicized divorce with Brad Pitt to the ongoing custody battle for their six children. However, one aspect of her life that has remained relatively unknown is her relationship with her brother, James Haven.

In 2000, Angelina Jolie made headlines when she publicly kissed her brother after winning an Oscar. This moment revealed the close bond they had developed during their challenging upbringing, where they stood together in the face of their father’s temper.

Haven has spoken candidly about their father, Jon Voight, describing him as someone who focused on their flaws rather than their strengths. Despite their parents’ split in 1976, Angelina and James formed a strong bond, standing up for their mother and each other. However, their relationship became strained when Haven started working as Jolie and Pitt’s full-time nanny.

Despite the challenges in his relationship with his father, Haven and Jolie remained close. The public display of affection at the Oscars was an expression of their love for each other. Throughout their lives, they have been each other’s biggest sources of support.

Since childhood, they have stood by each other’s side, especially after their parents’ divorce when Angelina was only two years old. Haven has jokingly suggested that his sister’s high standards might be the reason why he hasn’t found the right partner. They both honored their late mother at Angelina’s wedding by wearing her jewelry.

During Angelina and Brad’s divorce negotiations, Haven played a crucial role in caring for their children. However, their professional relationship came to an end after a year, and their personal bond also cooled off.

The reason behind their distancing remains unknown, even to close sources. James Haven left his short-lived acting career behind and found solace in Christianity, which reportedly influenced his relationship with his father.

Despite the current lack of communication between them, Haven’s impact on Angelina’s life is undeniable. Their bond is so strong that Angelina and Brad named their daughter Shiloh after what would have been Haven’s name. Haven also played a significant role in encouraging Angelina to reconcile with their estranged father during a trip to Italy.

While the specifics of their relationship may be mysterious, the bond between Angelina Jolie and James Haven is one that has stood the test of time.